Not So Secret Sauce S1 EP5 - FFA Evolution Diaries

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Secret Sauce S1 EP5 - Evolution Diaries

Featured guests on this fifth episode of the Secret Sauce Podcast are Founders Factory Africa's (FFA) Senior Leadership Team (SLT). They are Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Alina Truhina, Chief Financial Officer, Thabiso Foto, Chief Portfolio Officer and Co-Founder, Sam Sturm, CEO, Bongani Sithole, and Co-Founder and Chairman, Roo Rogers.

Alina, Thabiso, Sam, Bongani, and Roo go bar-for-bar in this insightful discussion about the FFA journey thus far, they touch base about their experiences, lessons, greatest challenges, and FFA's plans for the future.

What to look forward to in this episode: 
  • Three words that sum up the FFA SLT's experience over the last three years [03:24]
  • Lessons learned from the SLT's previous experience before respectively joining FFA [05:08]
  • The most surprised by how the SLT's careers are turning out respectively [15:39]
  • The SLT's biggest challenges encountered to date [18:35]
  • Their thoughts on creating a safe space for emotional support within FFA [21:14]
  • The leadership skills needed to succeed as a member of the FFA SLT [26:26]
  • The unique selling point of FFA's model [35:30]
  • Changing the perspectives on what VC looks like in Africa [38:26]
Useful Resources:
FFA SLT's Playlist:

Thabiso Foto - Burna Boy on Spotify.
Alina Truhina - Zero Podcast
Bongani Sithole - Oceans by Hillsong UNITED on Youtube.
Sam Sturm - Otis Redding - Hard to Handle on Spotify.
Roo Rogers - 'Round about Midnight by Thelonius Monk on Youtube.


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Not So Secret Sauce S1 EP5 - FFA Evolution Diaries
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