Not So Secret Sauce S1 EP7 - Success Factors for Commercial Partnerships

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Secret Sauce S1 EP7 - Success factors for commercial partnerships

The emergence of Fintech has disrupted legacy systems and is a key driver of digital transformation within the financial sector.

Over the past decade, Africa’s financial sector has witnessed rapid growth in the size and number of fintechs and payment service providers playing in the sector. In collaboration with Standard Bank, Paystack, and PAWA Africa, Founders Factory Africa (FFA) has developed the Corporate & Startup Partnerships Playbook.  

This podcast episode features our Partnerships Lead, Ayotunde Aladejana, Alesimo Mwanga, Executive Director of PAWA AFRICA, Sacheen Kala, head of Founders Factory Africa partnerships at Standard Bank, and Nubi Kay, Startup Program Lead at Paystack

They unpack the free practical guide on how early-stage founders and startups can identify, engage, and secure corporate partnerships. The Playbook provides essential insights into establishing fruitful commercial relationships, focusing on unlocking the potential of the African market, drawing on case studies from South Africa and Nigeria. 
  • Why Founders Factory Africa and partnering corporates developed this resource for startup founders [2:21]
  • Partnership models in Africa. Case studies of successful B2B and B2C partnerships [6:24]
  • B2B or B2C? What's the best model for your startup? [11:31]
  • Common misconceptions about partnerships. What founders and corporates need to know [14:21]
  • Common mistakes to avoid and how to close more deals [23:24]
  • How long does it take to close a deal [28:55]
  • Bridging the gap between corporates and startups [34:40]
  • Advice for founders on how to succeed in partnerships [36:00]
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Download your free copy of the Corporate & Startup Partnerships Playbook: ✅ ⬅️


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Not So Secret Sauce S1 EP7 - Success Factors for Commercial Partnerships
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